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Big Value Travels Details


Marketing & Website Development


Big Value Travels is not just a booking platform; it's a dynamic online travel companion designed to transform your travel aspirations into reality. This project encompasses a user-centric website that simplifies the complexities of travel planning, offering a one-stop solution for flights, hotels, cabs, and comprehensive travel itineraries. Big Value Travels redefines the travel booking experience, making every journey a seamless adventure.


Big Value Travels goes beyond being a booking platform; it's a travel companion that simplifies and enhances the entire journey. By offering a comprehensive suite of travel services and a user-friendly interface, the website becomes an essential tool for globetrotters seeking convenience and value.

Project Info -


Travel Booking API

Digital Marketing


Technologies Used:

  • Customized web design using PHP and LARAVEL for a visually stunning and responsive interface.
  • API integrations with airlines, hotels, and cab services for real-time data updates.
  • Secure and reliable payment gateway integration for seamless transactions.
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