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Dr. Pinkal Thakkar Details


Marketing & Website Development


The "Dr. Pinkal Thakkar" project embodies a digital platform designed to showcase the expertise and compassionate care offered by the distinguished orthopedic doctor. This website not only serves as an informational hub for patients but also reflects the professionalism and commitment to orthopedic excellence that Dr. Pinkal Thakkar brings to his practice.


The "Dr. Pinkal Thakkar" website not only establishes a strong online presence for the esteemed orthopedic doctor but also serves as a valuable resource for current and prospective patients. The user-friendly design and informative content contribute to a positive patient experience, reflecting Dr. Thakkar's commitment to excellence in orthopedic care.

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Digital Marketing

Website Development

Technologies Used:

  • Responsive web design using HTML5 and CSS3 for an optimal viewing experience across devices.
  • Secure patient portal integration for appointment scheduling and communication.
  • SEO optimization to enhance online visibility and accessibility.
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